Web design

We can design for you web pages from basics. Final result depends on your only imagination! We have got big experience and always satisfied customers.

Online shops

Our company offer you a professional and fully functional online shops. We create all kinds of website stores.


We can also create fully responsive web sites based on the technique of responsive web desing.  These ones are adapted to any device you use, from desktop to mobile phone. By using CMS – content management system you can manage your webside alone.

Graphic design

Our company take care of every possible form of advertising from banners,  icons, logos  to the largest format of posters.

Servers, domains and technical support

Do you need domain or server? If you request we will provide this support for you. We have also added a possibility of one year technical support. A comprehensive maintainance of your projects can stand on our side.

Websites and business translations

Our language skills allow us to translate webpages from english to polish and vice versa. We support some companies in business translations using emails or telephone. Gain time and let yourself  leave us all foreign correspondence!

Social Media

Management of your public relations in social media. We speak the language of your customers.  Regardless of your client age, interests, we build a possitive associations and stregthen ties.

Advertising campaigns

Advertising drives trade. We are experienced in creating short and long term advertising campaigns such as AdWords and social media in example Facebook, Instagram and Google +.

Complex images of sale

Do you often sell products on popular auction portals like Allegro or ebay?  We have already designed hundreds of professional templates for sales and content. The result will keep you in…an economic health.

Get to know us!



Web Designer, Owner

The Creator, the originator and troublemaker. Responsible for graphic design, marketing and customers contact. Every morning runs 10km in order to quickly get it over with.  He always takes care of the correct image of the company and his own skills. Graphic desiner with nearly 10 years of experience. A fan of Michael Grant works  – now you know where the comapny name is from:-)

  • Graphic 98%
  • HTML/CSS 65%
  • Calm 80%


Programmer, Personal Translator

Educated cool guy. His otherness is charisma. He promotes a healthy lifestyle and active lifetime. Extreme sports lover. As he says: ” probably half of my life I spent on my bicycle”. Only when he stays at home every single moment he devotes programming. He speaks fluent English going throught life with the motto: “the sky’s the limit”.  Must always have what he wants, being stubborn till the end!

  • Programming 75%
  • Java Script/jQuery 65%
  • Charisma 98%


The knowledge and experience acquired over the years are the greatest reflection of our abilities. Practice makes perfect!


We always customize every single project with reliable accurancy to your needs.  Brainstorm practice let us selecting the best ideas and create then projects; earnestly,  readable, perfect to the inch.


Certainly the greatest our asset. All projects are made with a pure pleasure.  Do what you love and you will never have to work.

Projects designed

Lines of code

Coffies drunk

Websites made

Do you have any questions? Do not hesistate to ask :-)

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